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Not a Fan Small Group Study - Adult

NEW! Updated 5th Anniversary Edition!

This is not a conventional small group experience. It is a cinematic journey, a series of six mini-movies, with the perspective and depth to help shape today’s believer into a first century Christ-follower.

not a fan small group study includes:

• six 30 minute lessons of cinematic story telling

• easy-to-follow Leader’s Guide for facilitating your small group gathering

• thought provoking 42-day Follower’s Journal designed to assist you and your group in your journey from fan to follower.

The study follows the journey of Eric Nelson, a man leading a compartmentalized triple life as a pleasure-seeking rebel, a cutthroat corporate executive, and a nominal Christian. But when confronted with a near death experience, Eric embarks on a spiritual journey that transforms his commitment to Jesus Christ and tests the faith of his friends and family.

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Not a Fan



Twenty times in the New Testament, Jesus Christ issued a compelling and challenging invitation: “Follow Me.” Jesus is not interested in mere fans. He doesn't want enthusiastic admirers. He wants completely committed followers. Built around the engaging approach of Kyle Idleman, Teaching Pastor at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY, this one of a kind small group study examines what it means to deny one’s self and truly follow Jesus.

The Small Group Study is just the beginning of the Not a Fan journey. Make sure to look at the Not a Fan book, movie, apparel, and Pastor's Resource Kit. We have something for everyone who wants to share the Not a Fan message! Visit for more information.

Language Options: English
Subtitle Options: English, French, Spanish

Lesson 1 – Fan or Follower
ERIC NELSON collapses. Family and friends desperately try to revive him. At a football stadium across town, Pastor KYLE IDLEMAN receives news of Eric’s heart attack. Kyle rushes to the hospital, arriving as Eric’s friends and family are given the devastating news: Eric has lost all brain function. The family makes the painful decision to let Eric go.

The next day, Kyle arrives at the Nelson home to pay his respects and offer pastoral care. As Kyle speaks with friends and family, enigmatic details of Eric’s life emerge. Eric had suffered a mild heart attack five years earlier. The near death experience caused him to completely surrender his life to Jesus. He went from fan to follower and it had a profound impact on those around him. ANNA, Eric’s wife, is forced to evaluate what really matters in life. DARREN, Eric’s longtime business associate, subtly indicates that their friendship was strained when Eric took a new job. Eric’s father, BILL, disliked the new job and the people with whom Eric worked - and claims his objections were based on Christian principle. GARY, Eric’s friend since High School, alludes to Eric’s dark past and a subsequent transformation.

Lesson 2 – Follow Me
As Gary examines his own life in the wake of Eric’s death; he recalls their days of pleasure-seeking rebellion. Driven to the brink by a demanding job and an imploding marriage, Eric collapses in Gary’s apartment from a non-fatal heart attack. Convinced he’s received a divine wake-up call that must be answered, Eric is never the same again. Now, devastated by the death of his friend, Gary must decide what path he will take.

Lesson 3 – What Must I Do
From his high-rise office, Darren reflects on Eric’s transformation from cutthroat businessman to compassionate Christ-follower. Darren’s Christian convictions are initially rattled by Eric’s business ethic, but, as Eric coldly explains, “This isn’t church. It’s business.” By the time Eric has a change of heart, Darren has learned to compartmentalize his faith and to view conscience as an obstacle to prosperity. When both men are asked to skirt their stated Christian convictions for the sake of keeping their jobs, Eric courageously follows the way of Christ and Darren walks away sad.

Lesson 4 - Bury the Dead
Anna remembers life after Eric recommitted to their marriage and began to take his faith seriously. She quickly finds herself disturbed at how seriously - and stubbornly resists his attempts to scale back their extravagant lifestyle for the sake of helping the less fortunate. After Eric’s ethical stand results in his unemployment, luxurious living is no longer an option. As all her worldly comforts are stripped away, Anna experiences first-hand the tremendous cost of following Jesus Christ.

Lesson 5 - Dead Men's Bones
Bill disapproves of Eric’s new job and his misguided attempts to help “those people” at the expense of providing for his own family. Bill takes particular issue with Lily, a pregnant teenager who has moved in with the Nelsons. Eric’s sister, Kim, suffers a miscarriage and is further devastated when Bill suggests the tragedy is the result of sin in her life. Enraged, Eric confronts his father about his merciless self-righteousness. Days later, Eric offers the olive branch and tells Bill he loves him. Bill is silent. Minutes later, Bill and family watch in horror as Eric suffers his fatal heart attack.

Lesson 6 - Decision Time
As Natalie prepares for her father’s funeral, she remembers serving with him at his new job-a homeless shelter. When she grows increasingly resentful at the work and the ingratitude of a belligerent young female resident, Eric makes the painful decision to bar Natalie from volunteering. Natalie defiantly returns determined to prove that she, like her father, is genuine and willing to make painful sacrifices for her faith. Eric tells her that what separates the genuine from the fake is not dutiful sacrifice, but love. Natalie apologizes to the testy resident, who turns out to be Lily. After the funeral, the Nelson family is profoundly moved at the effect Eric’s life had on so many people. Natalie and Anna agree that Eric truly led an abundant life, and they want to do the same.

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Product Questions

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What is the copyright date of this DVD?
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Customer Reviews (22)

We Love This StudyReview by CJCC
Easy to teach!
User Friendly!
Great Info!
(Posted on 5/18/2017)
greatReview by Shaun
It really helping me to getting closer to Jesus (Posted on 3/25/2017)
Excellent, Thought ProvokingReview by Steve
This is an excellent, thought provoking series! I have never dealt with a study of any sort that blends the dramatic with the deep Bible study at occurs. It is making a different congregational wide as people seriously consider whether they are followers or just fans. (Posted on 3/11/2017)
Much needed study about commitment. Review by Nena
I loved it. My Sunday school classes were slow to jump in to the study. (Posted on 12/30/2016)
Much needed study about commitment. Review by Nena
I loved it. My Sunday school classes were slow to jump in to the study. (Posted on 12/30/2016)
God is serious about revivalReview by Gail
This DVD study came timely (God is always on time). It was an affirmation for all that God has been speaking to me about following Jesus. All I can say is that this will make the church very uncomfortable praise God! John 3:16 is the beginning of salvation, but the rest of the story is in the daily denial of self. This movie was heart, not head. Kingdomhood reality versus Hollywood drama. I was watching my own life on film. Do you want reality? This is it! (Posted on 12/27/2016)
ImpactfulReview by Shannon
This series was purchased as a challenge to the congregation to view/study and dare not to be changed by it. So far it has impacted and made the minds of several Church members become enlightened and challenged. Each of us is at a different level of our walk but all of us are getting something out of this series. The wonderful and professional way it is presented helps. The filming was done in such a way to make it easy to follow. (Posted on 10/18/2016)
Eye opening.Review by Diane
I highly recommend this study if your goal is to know Jesus on a deeper level. Very thought provoking and may make you question if you're really a follower or just a fan after all. Use the Journal especially. (Posted on 9/13/2016)
Moving our congregation forwardReview by Stan
This Bible study has challenged our congregation to "DTR with Jesus". Are we willing to surrender and follow. Each person is challenged by something different, but we are all walking this pilgrim highway together as followers. Thank you for this well presented and through discovery of what it means to follow Jesus. God Bless You. (Posted on 9/13/2016)
Great Very InspiringReview by Bill
This DVD and small group study material was very inspiring to our ongoing small group. It really hit home and inspired us to take a real look at our walk with Christ. One of the best studies / stories we have ever used. Will use this in ongoing ministry opportunities. (Posted on 7/30/2016)
Thought provokingReview by Kelly
Good thought provoking study making you consider your walk with Christ. Don't forget grace and that your walk is a life long journey. Matt 6:33 Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you. (Posted on 4/21/2016)
Thought provokingReview by Kelly
Good thought provoking study making you consider your walk with Christ. Don't forget grace and that your walk is a life long journey. Matt 6:33 Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you. (Posted on 4/21/2016)
Great stuff!Review by Mark
The lessons and insight provided by 'not a fan' are great! The group I'm with is still going through it (this is my first time also) but so far we're loving the experience!
Picky point...don't really care for the constant 'in story/out of story' role that Kyle is doing...narrating a story is ok, and opening and/or closing the piece would be fine, but for me the story gets interrupted when he breaks the fourth wall and talks to the audience while the story continues in the background, then he jumps back in. Not the way I would have done it, but it's not a game changer. Still good stuff! (Posted on 3/1/2016)
Great ministry tool.Review by Kevin
We're using this as a tool in our discipleship arsenal for the homeless. Good stuff. (Posted on 2/28/2016)
Not a FanReview by James
I thank God for your study group format and teaching us all what the body of Christ should look like. Your teaching challenge us whether we are faithful fans or committed followers. (Posted on 1/31/2016)
Small group infoReview by Frank
An awesome challenge to get off the sidelines and truly follow Christ.

Presented very well and the journal is a great tool to keep you engaged all week between sessions (Posted on 12/3/2015)
Confronts Believers with the Truth!Review by Tina
This study really challenges Believers to be honest about whether or not they've actually been committed followers of Jesus in their daily lives. There's no running or hiding with this study. It is what it is. The Holy Spirit will reveal to the participant what's really at the core of their beliefs and in the deepest parts of their hearts. It is now a requirement at our Bible training center in Columbus, OH and couldn't be more pleased with the results. I'd recommend this to anybody who wants to develop a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. (Posted on 10/20/2015)
Eye OpeningReview by jennjenn
I read the Not A Fan book and felt led by God to do the Small Group Study at church. We have been doing the follower's journal along with the study and using the two together has really been an eye opening experience. Our group has really grown as followers and as brothers & sisters in Christ. We have learned so much about our own relationships with Jesus and we've learned alot about each other also. It has really been a humbling experience as the leader to see God working in people's lives and feel Him working in my own life too. (Posted on 10/26/2012)
Hammer Meets NailReview by ddwheeler
I have had the great privilege and blessing of going through this study several different times and with several different home study groups, all in different stages of life, having done so with a group of adult singles, and then a married couples group of people age 40-and-above, and with a mixed group of married and single, young and older. Also, my wife has gone through this study with her ladies' group, which includes ladies in ages ranging from 40's to 80's.

The story presented through the study will really hit home with you and it will leave you with no choice but to face yourself and, better yet, to face God and decide, not only if you ARE a fan or a follower, but if you will remain a fan or become a follower.

The message within this study is one which every professing Christian should hear. Every one should ask themselves, and think and pray over the question; am I a fan, or am I a completely, committed follower.

5 stars (or ever how many is possible) to City On A Hill for yet another bombshell study! (Posted on 2/24/2012)
Life TransformingReview by Mike D
I have been leading the teenagers at my church through this. They are so into it and are excited to come back each week for more. They are inviting friends and those friends are staying and inviting other friends. Our group has grown over 40% over the last 5 weeks. (Posted on 2/14/2012)

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